This is where Bravo Maritime Group (BMG) began. With Principal Jack Horner’s experience in Maritime Interdiction and Maritime Special Operations, BMG provides a wide variety of training courses in the Maritime Security Realm. Courses range from all types of Boat Operations to Law Enforcement Training. BMG also offers courses tailored to senior level thinking with regards to Seaport Security for Ports and Waterways. This includes security of the Port, Waterfront Facilities, and Container Inspections. Our professionals conduct Threat Assessments to inform the client on possible vulnerabilities they may not be aware of.

BMG provides SAFE Control, training for teams, in accordance with the following Core Competencies:

  • Trainings and Operations in maritime environments
  • Port-to-port waterborne maritime security and risk assessment
  • Vessel security while moored or transiting, inbound and outbound
  • Internal and external ship security while underway
  • Basic and advanced shipboard movements and tactics (single and multiple team)
  • Basic and advanced small boat handling and navigation
  • Basic and advanced weapons handling