SAFE is a program designed to help others:

  • Learn to Resist & Avoid
  • Control their options to Evade & Defend
  • Raise their level of awareness regarding their surroundings
  • Learn how to remove themselves from uneasy situations

We are our own best form of self-defense. Our SAFE classes focus on using situational awareness to stop an attack before it happens. Created using five different fighting styles, SAFE is a program that helps people at any age learn how to best defend themselves in their everyday lives. We focus on classes in six different areas:

  1. Be SAFE. It all starts here. It all starts with knowing how to be safe throughout our everyday lives. 
  2. Work SAFE. Focusing on being safe wherever you work, whether it is in an office building, a church, a public center, etc. We work with teams and individuals to help each employee feel safe at work. 
  3. Mobile Work SAFE. For those who travel for work frequently, learning how to be safe when you’re out of the traditional office setting is essential. 
  4. Travel SAFE. Being away from home should also mean feeling safe and confident. Learn how to be safe when traveling for fun, alone or with others.
  5. Mission SAFE. Training those embarking on mission trips with churches, organizations, or as an individual. 

KID SAFE. These brand new classes offer safety for children at any age. KID SAFE classes are broken up by age groups to teach children and families how to best protect themselves amidst different situations.