CLEAR is a specially designed program that works to:

  • Provide Hazard Identification in Safety & Security
  • Create an environment where guests and staff feel safe
  • Conduct a thorough assessment of the building and grounds of an organization
  • Work with leadership to assess policies and procedures that are currently in place 

Our CLEAR assessments work with more than meets the eye. While we assess physical structures and facilities, we go one step further to assess policies and procedures that are currently in place within an organization. Are they creating an environment of safety and security, or is there room for improvements? We seek to find that answer. Utilizing our team’s working knowledge of FEMA and OSHA regulations alongside our real world experience, we work to evaluate all aspects of safety and security for your organization. 

CLEAR was designed and developed by our own team utilizing our own unique software and an innovative 33 point system. The CLEAR assessment works to identify potential hazards and obstacles standing in your way of total safety and security as an organization. We work to help keep you in the clear.