—Our Mission—

“BMG prepares people, in their environment, to meet their basic safety and security needs using efficient, real world approach and customized training to build peace of mind, independently and as a faction. Working in a collaboration with a passionate team devoted to valor and excellence our members maneuver a course to be SAFE and CLEAR.”

—Our Vision—

“BMG strives to enhance feelings of confidence and accomplishment by improving preparation and awareness.”

—About Us—

Bravo Maritime Group (BMG) is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business that was created to satisfy the overwhelming need for businesses, churches, organizations, and professional Operators and Instructors to be trained in situational awareness and how to live aware, not in fear. BMG personnel are able to operate in a multitude of environments from office buildings and public centers in cities and suburban localities to common inland terrains and offshore platforms. Whatever the environment is, we work to create customized assessments for Hazard Identification in Safety and Security through our CLEAR program. Through our SAFE programs, our team works to instill in others the importance of learning to Resist and Avoid. Our CLEAR and SAFE programs focus on helping businesses, churches, individuals, and organizations.

Our training courses for maritime professionals include Small Boat Navigation, Tactical Small Boat Operations, Seaport Security for Ports and Waterways, and Transporting Goods within a country. Our training focuses on the “flight” versus “fight” response and is based on our Principal’s multi-faceted experience in the world of defense and protection. Our safety services are created for private and corporate groups to identify gaps in existing protocols and ways to build upon existing security measures to best meet the needs of your group to help those who complete the safety trainings learn how to live aware, not in fear.

Bravo Maritime Group provides services that are:

  • Customized programs designed with “tooth to tail” attention to the client’s objectives
  • Based on experience with Threat & Vulnerability Assessments inside and outside the military and government
  • Done in small, efficient teams who are experienced in working with small groups with limited resources
  • Available for worldwide deployment

The Bravo Maritime Group is home to trainers who are:

  • Experts in national and international codes and regulations
  • Veterans
  • Experienced in working with all levels of multinationals
  • Trained in providing these services since 2006
  • Experienced, with an average of 12 years of law enforcement and active duty military experience including operational proficiency with maritime security under their belt

Press Releases:

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