4 Pillars

New Approach to Safety and Security Training

BMG provides training in safety and security as part of an Active Response Training program for everyday situations. Individuals starting at the ages of 2½ years old to adults through their developed BMG S.A.F.E. program that focuses on problem solving and resiliency.

Developing the PROPER MINDSET for staying safe.
Expanding SITUATIONAL AWARENESS of our surroundings.
Identifying TOOLS/LIFE SKILLS we already possess, practicing skills we’ve learned, and prioritizing our options.
Making and using a PLAN (both before and on the spot) for assessing threats, and avoiding or evading unsafe situations if you can.

The Four Pillars of Safety and Security Training

The training extends to working within the physical environment of an organization to cover the hardening of assets for man-made and natural disasters such as active shooter situations, fire drills, medical emergencies, and tornado/hurricane mitigation drills to assist clients, whether individuals or groups, feel confident in their preparedness and awareness in everyday situations as well as under extraordinary events.

Each training solution is customized to the individual or group being trained.