New Approach to Safety and Security Training

Ages 13+ for the Adult Classes.

For Ages 2 1/2 to 12 years.

Risk Assessments with BMG Clear Program
Identify risks, vulnerabilities, and assess physical structures of your facility to create a safe, secure environment.

Customized Safety Gear and Training
BMG works directly with your organization and facility to tailor safety courses specific to vulnerabilities and operations.

At Bravo Maritime Group, we believe in training people of all ages and backgrounds how to live aware, not in fear. We conduct our threat and vulnerability assessments for domestic and international organizations who are looking to evaluate all levels of safety and security surrounding their organizations. We help you identify what you’re unaware of and we help you create an environment where you feel safe and secure.


Our trained professionals come from various backgrounds to create a team at Bravo Maritime Group that is focused on helping you feel confident. We are able to work from the outside in, first focusing on basic security and then moving internally to design and develop customized training solutions based on what we identify during our assessments.


Clients of Bravo Maritime Group feel informed and in charge through our SAFE and CLEAR programs. Our SAFE classes focus on feeling safe in everyday life, learning how to be safe in a work environment, and using situational awareness to stop altercations before they happen. You can read more about our SAFE program here (link to webpage). Our CLEAR program utilizes our deep knowledge of FEMA and OSHA regulations alongside our real world experience to help you or your organization feel confident in your preparedness through our training and assessments.


Are you ready to take the next step to creating an environment where leadership, employees, volunteers, visitors, clients, and others feel confident, secure, and aware?


We’re ready to help you feel safe and in the clear.