Jack Horner, Principal

A Veteran with over 25 years of active duty and law enforcement experience, Jack Horner knows the importance of safety and security firsthand. Professionally, he has completed multiple deployments to the Persian Gulf and 27 countries around the world as a member of the U.S. Coast Guard. During his career, he has trained multinationals and served as a liaison to foreign leaders and high-ranking U.S. Embassy officials. He gained expertise in Maritime Interdiction as well as Quick Reaction Force, amongst others. Personally, Jack Horner is the father to two daughters. He is an individual who believes in the power of safety and security. He recognizes the importance of feeling confident in your own abilities, especially if someone has gone through an experience that has made them question that.

Jack Horner founded Bravo Maritime Group as a way to mesh together his personal and professional experience to create the opportunity for those in his trainings to feel safe and secure. He brings his previous experience as an instructor with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) and as a founding member of the USCG’s first counter terrorism team and second anti-terrorism team with him. Jack also brings with him a love of family and a love of protecting the people and spaces that we care about. After working with the USCG as an instructor, Principal Jack Horner was sent on peacekeeping missions throughout the world without weapons in hand. He knew that he had to live aware, but not in fear. He gained knowledge in the importance of situational awareness, Hazard Identification in Safety and Security, and assessing potential security risks. 

Understanding the importance of these principles, Jack Horner created Bravo Maritime Group to help others feel safe in their own skin and in their own home, place of business, or public center. He has trained individuals, churches, businesses, teams, organizations, Operators, Instructors, and many others who are interested in assessing potential threats and learning how to live with an awareness that could save their lives. The Principal combines his background in the field with his passion for protecting people to create BMG CLEAR and SAFE programs for businesses and individuals as well as trainings for those in the maritime realm. 

Principal Jack Horner is an exceptional leader in the areas of personal protection security, counter assault, Foreign Military Instruction, Special Operations and Mission Planning, and personnel & asset recovery. A Training Specialist with a flawless history of leadership, planning, coordinating, and executing Special Operations and training for the U.S. and allied military units around the globe, Jack Horner brings his multi-faceted background to the lives of those in Bravo Maritime Group trainings through his strong initiative, engaging presentation skills, and ability to motivate others to achieve target objectives. It is his hope that through Bravo Maritime Group trainings, others can feel safe, secure, and confident in their abilities.